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Asset Management

HKFS provides an independent, objective approach to asset management with your needs at the forefront. Elements of modern portfolio theory are employed across a diverse roadmap of growth and income investments in an effort to maximize return while minimizing risk.  Our philosophy is to assist you with the allocation of capital among the major asset classes (bonds, stocks, and cash) while working to minimize the risk inherent in the securities marketplace – all tied back to your financial plan and the strategies laid out by your financial planning consultant (FPC) and CPA.


Investment Advisory Committee

HKFS utilizes an experienced Investment Advisory Committee (IAC) to manage the investment landscape.  The IAC consists of several highly-experienced and highly-credentialed industry leaders who meet monthly to review economic and market conditions, review and adjust stock and bond models, and monitor investment vehicles.  In addition, the Committee is responsible for creating policies regarding proper diversification of client portfolios.


HKFS Investment Process

Developing an appropriate asset allocation is the first step. Our team gets to know you and your time horizon, liquidity needs, tax situation, and risk tolerance to determine what the best asset allocation is for your unique situation. Based on your financial plan, we are considering what should be invested in the stock market, other interest-earning investments, or cash.

Next, we want to ensure you have an appropriate amount of diversification. We’ll look at the types of interest your investments are generating and, in partnership with your CPA, the resulting tax implications. With your CPA as part of your planning team, we have a great opportunity to develop an investment and tax strategy that complement each other and work for you.

As your asset manager, we have a team of investment professionals responsible for selecting and monitoring your investments based on the plan you built with your FPC and CPA. Our team is constantly monitoring what’s happening in the market. We’ll take advantage of opportunities and mitigate risk in line with what you identified with your planning team.

You can count on HKFS to continually rebalance your allocations to ensure your invested according to your plan. Again, we’ll be working with your CPA to look at tax consequences and opportunities.

Together, we’ll determine the frequency and cadence of reviews and adjustments. Whether it’s a shift in your goals, change in tax law, or the HKFS IAC makes new recommendations – we are your financial planning partner and our asset management services are a tool to keep your plan on track.




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