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Tax Planning

Everyone wants their investment portfolio to perform well, but it is your after-tax return that really matters. If your portfolio earns double-digit returns, those returns really are not so great if you end up losing 20 or 30 percent to taxes. HKFS works with your tax advisor to connect wealth management to your tax planning.


Tax Planning

In periods when the return on your investments is low, tax efficiency takes on greater importance. Here are some things to consider

  • TAX-SENSITIVE TACTICS – Methods have emerged that are designed to improve after-tax returns. Money managers commonly consider these strategies when determining whether assets in an investor’s account should be bought or sold.
  • HOLDING ONTO ASSETS – A potential method for realizing greater tax efficiency is simply to minimize buying and selling to reduce capital gains taxes. The idea is to pursue long-term gains, instead of seeking short-term gains through a series of steady transactions.
  • TAX-LOSS HARVESTING – This means selling certain securities at a loss to counterbalance capital gains. In this scenario, the capital losses you incur are applied against your capital gains to lower your personal tax liability. Basically, you’re making lemonade out of the lemons in your portfolio.

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