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Investment & Risk Management Review

At HKFS, we work hand in hand with your CPA to provide a comprehensive review of your financial situation. This review is designed specifically to objectively assess the planning that has been done to date and to evaluate if your planning is still aligned with your goals and objectives.

How can an investment and risk management review benefit me?
  • Review and assess all investments and insurance portfolios
  • Coordinate tax related issues with your CPA
  • Consolidate record keeping and tax information
  • Determine that asset allocation is appropriate
  • Determine if premium savings are available
  • Confirm that ownership and beneficiary designations are appropriate
  • Review policy performance to confirm coverage will be there when needed
  • Perform risk assessment/needs analysis
What to expect from an investment and risk management review?
  • Independent, objective analysis
  • Peace of mind
  • Review and assessment of risk
  • Confirmation of cost effectiveness of policies
  • Comprehensive, analytical review of your existing portfolios incorporating taxes, investment diversification and overlap, retirement goals, and estate planning
  • Knowledgeable team of experienced professionals
Investment Management
  • Identify goals, time horizon and risk tolerance
  • Review/analyze current investments
  • Present analysis and recommendations
  • Discussion
  • Monitor regularly
Risk Management
  • Fact find/signed authorization
  • Review/analyze situation
  • Present analysis and recommendations
  • Discussion
  • Monitor annually

Contact your CPA or financial advisor for this independent analysis.