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Connecting tax advice to wealth management

Your financial navigation partner

Have you planned in these 5 critical areas?

Estate Planning

Estate planning provides guidance to help you get your financial affairs in order, reviews your assets for proper ownership and beneficiaries, and helps manage the financial impact of lifestyle changes (death, divorce, disability, health).

Retirement Income Planning

Retirement income planning helps to determine how much to withdraw and the order of accounts to withdraw from, how to select investment options for your 401(k) or 403(b) savings, and involves strategizing so your retirement income and assets last a lifetime.

Tax Planning

Tax planning involves maximizing what you earn by minimizing what you owe, recommending tax strategies, and consulting and coordinating with your tax preparer.


Investment planning focuses on the growth and management of your portfolio, monitoring investment performance compared to investments in the same class, and actively managing and rebalancing your portfolio to help reduce risk. Complete this risk questionnaire and contact the HKFS service team at toll free 855.672.3040 or email at


Protection planning is a review and analysis of your current financial situation and risk to ensure your plan can withstand the unexpected.

Contact one of our financial advisors for a thorough and complimentary review. Planning may help you live more confidently, enjoy more of life, and further your legacy.