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What Investment Services and Advice Can You Provide Me?

We offer discretionary asset management on an ongoing basis for retail investors with investable assets of
$50,000 and over. Prior to investing your assets, we will determine your objectives by inquiring into your personal situation, financial goals, tax status, risk tolerance, and other pertinent factors, and recommend an investment strategy that helps you achieve your objectives. We will open an advisory account with a broker-dealer on your behalf to hold your assets as custodian. You will grant us discretionary authority to buy and sell investments in your account without obtaining your prior approval for each transaction. We act upon this authority using only the highest standard of conduct and care, while also abiding by any restrictions you put in place. We only select investments in which we are reasonably skilled and experienced. We primarily utilize mutual funds and exchange trade funds (ETFs) to create a diversified portfolio for you. When buying or selling investments, we will seek the best transactional result reasonably available under the given circumstances. We will then continually monitor your investments – a standard service – by comparing them with relevant benchmarks and by analyzing economic or market conditions. We will make adjustments to your current investment strategy if, after becoming aware of changes to your personal situation or financial goals, we determine prior recommendations are no longer appropriate for achieving your objectives.

We also offer one-time financial plans to retail investors. This means we will determine your needs and create a financial plan for you based on your needs. We will not open an advisory account, You will not grant us discretionary authority, and we will not monitor your plan once we provide it to you. You can then choose
to work with us or with another firm or financial professional to implement your plan.

For more information about our services review our Form ADV Part 2A Brochure (“Firm Brochure”) (Items
4, 7, 8, 12, 13, and 16).