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Connecting tax advice to wealth management

Your financial navigation partner
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Why Partnering With HKFS Makes Sense

  • Client retention
  • More time with best clients
  • Highest realization rate
  • Proactively meet more client needs
  • Lose fewer clients to competitors
  • Increase firm valuation
  • Additional source of revenue
  • Be a more attractive M&A partner
  • Use staff efficiently
  • Help fund succession plans

Keys to Greater Profitability for CPA Firms Offering Financial Services

Why Offer Financial Services?

Defining the Partnership with HKFS

Partnership Process

On-site dialogue session led by HKFS with the CPA partner group focusing on the question, “Is a financial services practice right for your firm or own agenda?”

Referral Card Form

Any referral you make, and any resulting referral reward, is confidential, unless you expressly consent to a release.