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Connecting tax advice to wealth management

Your financial navigation partner


The asset management division of HKFS strives to provide appropriate, asset portfolio management that suits the goals, objectives and risk tolerance of your clients. Because we work in partnership with CPAs, we are diligent about managing our clients’ investments in a tax-sensitive manner appropriate to their situations.

When constructing portfolios, our locally based advisors begin with a thorough discussion concerning your clients’ financial situations to assess how their investment assets fit their total financial plans.

Their goals and objectives, whether retirement planning, college funding or asset preservation, are reviewed. Their current assets and savings plans are analyzed to determine the return required to meet their goals. This exercise and review helps identify the asset allocation that will suit both their objectives and tolerance for market fluctuation.

Once the asset allocation is determined, diversified stock and bond portfolios are constructed. The HKFS Investment Advisory Committee, a group of professionals with decades of portfolio management experience, employs elements of modern portfolio theory to construct bond and stock portfolios providing appropriate diversification to reduce risk, and strategic weightings to maximize return in light of economic and market conditions. These model portfolios are reviewed monthly and adjusted as conditions necessitate.

The HKFS Investment Advisory Committee also chooses the investment vehicles to be used within client portfolios. Depending upon the allocation and size of the account, mutual funds, individual stocks and bonds, or separate account managers may be selected. Because we are an independent investment advisory firm, you can be assured the vehicles chosen will be the most appropriate for your clients’ situation. These investments are constantly monitored by HKFS analysts to ensure they continue to meet criteria required by the committee. A well-defined investment process can create a well-balanced portfolio, but the key to successful long-term investing is the regular rebalancing and review.

Rebalancing ensures that the allocation determined to be appropriate for the client’s needs continues to be reflected in the account. As life changes, goals and risk tolerance will change as well.

(5) Regular communication with financial advisors to review progress helps to identify when adjustments should be made. These meetings also reassess the client’s financial plan to ensure all aspects of their financial portfolios’ are current and appropriate.