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Tax Season Initiative

Tax season provides a great opportunity to pause and consider what advisory services your clients may benefit from as you’re meeting regarding tax planning. The steps and resources identified below are a best practice for financial planning client development.

If you need any assistance with implementation of the tax season initiative, please contact Laurie Paulsen at 563.582.2855 or

Step 1: Client Identification (10-20 Potential Financial Planning Clients)  

Use the resources below to introduce financial planning to your top clients this tax season.

Step 2: Client Outreach

Utilize tax organizer template via email or  letter format to provide a soft introduction to financial planning.

Option 1: Print the tax organizer letter and include in the tax organizer.

Option 2: After you’ve mailed the tax organizer, send the email template. (Contact HKFS marketing to have your letters co-branded and compliance approved.)

Step 3: Client Meeting

Step A: Utilize the opportunity guide and/or client planning form to uncover and track potential clients. (These documents are for internal use only.)

Step B: Share your firms focus on a holistic approach and your ability to incorporate tax and financial planning together.

Step C: Set a date and time for you and your client to discuss further.

Step 4: Client Follow-up

Post tax season send the follow up email to clients you identified in steps 1, 2 or 3.  

Step 5: HKFS Meeting

Schedule meeting with your client development specialist and/or financial planning consultant to discuss client opportunities.