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Welcome, Katy!

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Katy Fricano joins HKFS as a contribution specialist. As a contribution specialist, Katy will ensure client’s contributions to their retirement plans are accurate and have processed correctly from their accounts. She’ll input employer and employee contributions, loan payments, and rollover contributions from the employer payroll.

Katy recently graduated from Loras College after studying finance. Through her course work, internship, and other educational opportunities, Katy has been introduced to the stock market, trading environment, and retirement planning. In fact, through a summer learning opportunity at Northwestern Mutual, Katy experienced firsthand how financial and retirement planning go hand-in-hand and have an impact on individual’s long-term plans. During her time at Loras she also was involved in an organization who pairs students with a member of the community who is either physically or mentally disabled. Katy enjoyed spending time with her buddies playing games or eating snacks.

Get to Know Katy

Katy believes there is always a positive to every situation, even if it might be difficult to find. In fact, her favorite quote is, “There’s the silver lining I’ve been looking for.” Katy enjoys reading during her free time. Her favorite book is the Harry Potter series or Great Expectations. She also enjoys hiking and running – which she tries to do daily. And when Katy has an extended break, she enjoys traveling. One of her favorite places to visit is California. Her sister, who she speaks with every day, recently moved to California so visiting is a great chance for the two of them to reconnect. Someday Katy hopes to travel to Greece to see the Parthenon.

Fun Facts

Favorite food/meal? Any Mexican dish or any Italian pasta.

Hero? As a kid (and a young basketball player), I admired Skylar Diggins. Today, I admire her for her determination and using her platform to better the world.

Best gift Katy received? When my sister traveled abroad to Ireland, she brought me back a Claddagh ring. I’ve worn it every day since, and it inspired my current and ever-growing ring collection.